Unveiling the truth behind tech gadgets in our ‘True or False’ series. Get the facts straight.

October 15, 2023

Is Halloween the Devil’s Birthday? Stop Saying That!

I still remember my best friend from childhood, Kelvin, whose parents refused to let him celebrate Halloween. They would say it was “the Devil’s birthday”. So, []
September 28, 2023

Does iPhone XR Have Wireless Charging?

People with an iPhone XR are interested and excited about it, but they all have the same question. Does iPhone XR have wireless charging? The quest []
August 8, 2023

True or False: Is Wireless Charging Bad for Battery?

Recently, the wireless charger has been regarded as a convenient tool! You can charge your phone, only put it on the table. Without the many cables, []
August 7, 2023

True or False: Does iPad Air Have Wireless Charging?

iPad is one of my favorite devices. It gives me a lot of convenience and entertainment at work and in life.You may ponder this question if []
August 5, 2023

True or False: Can Earphones Cause Ear Infection?

Yes, it’s true. Earphones can cause ear infections if not used and maintained correctly. Different symptoms could be present if you have an ear infection from []
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